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My first revolver! Alaskan .44 mag

I've been into guns for quite a while now...

I've been interested in revolvers on and off.. but never went through with actually picking one up. Found a good price on a nearly unused Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan the other day and just couldn't say no.

I do a lot of camping and hiking and I think it'll be good to have with in case of black bear.

My buddy who has a few Rugers in .44 said I was crazy for getting the snubbie and that shooting the magnums was going to break my wrist....

Well, I got it out to the range today with a box of 44 specials and a box of 44 magnums. I started with the special to start small and see what to expect...

They were... nothing special at all. About like shooting a government 1911. Very little kick. Wow, I thought... how much worse can a magnum be? Well, I soon found out.

The magnums certainly weren't painful to shoot, as he had tried to make me think they would be. I don't if I would call it pleasant... but it was doable... and it's fun to shoot such a high powered load now and then. I shot 38 rounds of the 44 special and 38 rounds of the 44 mag... keeping 2 cylinders worth of each.

I like the gun a lot. It's big and heavy, sure... but it's about the same weight as my Springer 1911 TRP... A good holster, and she'll carry just fine. I think I'm hooked. I'm already starting to look closely at the 2" SP101 357mag.

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