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OK guys, careful about saying anything bad about LEE equipment. Those LEE fans are pretty thin skinned.

LEE is the Harbor Freight of reloading equipment. Some of it is good and some of it is not so good. I prefer RCBS. I own a lot of LEE casting equipment and it works well for me. Aluminum bullet molds have a learning curve, but once you get it right they are as good as any.

RCBS makes a good Turret press, I know because I have and use one. I also have a RCBS Rockchucker, that thing will be around forever, they are bulit that well. RCBS customer service is outstanding, they are willing to help in any way possible. I have no experience with LEE customer service.

I have two LEE die sets a 9mm and a .357. I have a had fair luck with the 9mm (bought new) and little luck with the .357 I bought the .357 dies off ebay so maybe the new ones are better, me I don't know. I also have a two sets of RCBS dies I bought from e-bay, although well used they function perfectly. However I think the RCBS dies are superior. I don't care for the LEE locking rings or the fact that the bullet seater plugs do not have a lock ring.

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