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I bet you would be able to shoot more accurately at more distance with a Savage 93R17 TR. It is an attractive rifle, and can probably be had for under $500. I had a 93R17, but it was a very basic one though. Was a fine shooter for being as light as it was, probably shot 1 moa. With a heavier barrel I am sure that it would easily shoot sub moa. As far as the accu-trigger, its adjustable and a good trigger system all in all.

If you don't mind the extra cost of .17 HMR ammo, it has better ballistics than the .22lr or .22 magnum.

I am sure the .22lr from savage is probably very accurate out of the box, but if I was put to a challenge of "lets see who can shoot a golf-ball off a tee from 150 yards first, or with the least number of shots" I would feel like i had a real good chance of doing it on my first shot with a .17 HMR. It wouldn't take me more than 3 shots on a windy day. Hitting a golf ball at 150 yards with a .22 lr, I would not be so confident. Especially if you compared the Savage MK2 TR and the 93R17 TR.

The .22lr has its place though, If you want to shoot all day long .22lr all the way. Its much cheaper ammo, and there is a lot of different choices in ammo as well.

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