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Hey how ya been long time no talk. Hopefullly you have done ok in our deer woods. First I have no plans on a trigger mod as mine is not all that bad at all. Frankly the trigger on my copy is on par with other off the shelf guns they had there and shoots fine for me.

As to superformance I am using it specifically to loose less velocity out of my short youth barreled gun. It follows hornady's charts on a 24" bbl exactly. In other words the velocity #s seem to match a with their balistic calculators as though there was no velocity loss. It prints 1 1/2 high at 100 yards which makes for a 200 yard zero. I shot it at 25 yard intervils within 100 yards and the groupings matched the trajectory on the table almost perfectly.

To me it seems like this load is achieving what it was meant to. I am going to hunt the rest of this year with it for the very least unless you tell me something that should scare me a great deal.

Regards, Vermonter

ETA: My barrel is a 20" barrel in orther words I seem to have gotten a 4" shorter barrel that will shot like the full size.
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