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well it ain't the gun, kinda figured it was me. took it to my local gun store and we went outside and did some testing. here is what the gunsmith said to me. when i shoot slugs i have a habit of pulling back on the forarm which isn't a bad thing except i'm a small guy and the heavy kick flies the forarm back so fast the shells in the magazine are still reacting to recoil and didn't have time to settle to release. we tried low recoil buckshot and regular shot loads and the gun was perfect. with the slugs i had trouble 3 out of 5 times, the two times i didn't have trouble i hadn't brought the forarm all the way back during the kick, there was still about half inch movement left. when i brought it the rest of the way it released the next round. i was using winchester slugs but have remington too which i haven't tried yet. the smith wanted me to try something, he said just hold the forarm in my hand firmly and use my stock grip to pull back on the gun. i fired 10 perfect rounds, the forarm released but only came back slightly till i cycled it which was flawless. thanks for everyones help and by the way i got a buck yesterday on the last day of the season. thanks again
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