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Norinco NHM-91 and 922r compliance

I have a question regarding my Norinco NHM-91 and Tapco or other US made magazines...

My rifle has the thumbhole stock, and is completely stock with nothing replaced or added, except when I purchased it, it already had the rivet ground off and came with a couple 30rd Chinese (I think) magazines. I've read that the rifle originally came with 5rd mags, of which I do not have any...
My question is:
If I use US made mags, and change nothing else on this rifle, will it be legal and/or 922r compliant?
If I use US made mags, I am reducing the number of foreign parts, so as long as I change nothing else I should be okay, right?

The issue I have with swapping out a bunch of parts is that my wife absolutely *LOVES* the rifle exactly the way it is, thumbhole stock and all...
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