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The only objective truth is that all Glocks are DAO.
I've seen more and more people over the years refer to firearms that use a partially-cocked striker as being DAO. Is this now considered correct? I've always only used the term "DAO" to refer to guns that cannot be cocked or partially cocked; the trigger fully cocks and releases the striker/hammer and the slide doesn't cock or partially cock the striker/hammer either.

I remember when Glocks first started to become popular it was well-known that the partially-cocked striker didn't fit into any previous category; it wasn't a SA, it wasn't a DA/SA, and it wasn't DAO. Glock itself calls it "Safe-Action", but I figured by now we'd have come up with a term more descriptive than just "striker-fired" (which doesn't specifically describe how the weapon is cocked) and more accurate than "DAO" (which the Glock technically isn't).
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