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Dave P. Outside of Unclenick I can not imagine anyone on this forum read the article, back in the early 70s (before the Internet) a shooter/reloader purchased 500 cases from one manufacturer, all of the same lot. He spent as much time shooting, testing and culling cases as shooters/reloaders today spend at their key board. Long article, when he was finished he settled on 47 cases +/- a few, the cases that were culled were tested again, some of the culls would shoot one hole groups if the case was indexed in the chamber the same way every time it was fired.

I have rifles that like everything, one of the most accurate cost $120.00, then there is the Santa Fe for $150.00, I am building two bench rest type rifles, without a stock, I have $50.00 in the rifles and $30.00 in the barrels each, I could have more in the scope than I have in the rifle.

Sierra, I have Sierra bullets, lots of Sierra bullets, I have rifles that do not shoot groups, they shoot patterns (like a shot gun), again, I sent a rifle back to Winchester, I did not complain to Sierra, I complained to Winchester, we had words, again, I wanted a chamber that fit my dies, Winchester thought I was impossible when gave them a choice, I want a chamber that fits my dies or I want Winchester dies to fit their chamber. they returned the rifle in a new box, I should be grateful, but, I am not.

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