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Yes its fine and if you take time to scrap it clean now with 300 rounds fired probably will not show wear there again. The plastic rails have no structural use. Helps to reinstall the slide for use older farts with bad eyes or younger guys with limited knowage of firearms and keep dust out. The slide runs on metal at the rear and down by the recoil spring. All of the plastic grips do it ,all of them for a while.

Faulure to feed right. Change ammo brands or HP design. Winchester big ole open tip HP ammo can be the worse in pistols too. Speer hp runs well in most any handgun and pmc hp and fmj and wwb fmj can cause there share of issues too .

Add something to the grip area to help you hang on to it like hogues handall, pachmayr or a piece of 1.75" bike inner tube. These small pistols can be a handfull for even a skill shooters to control thru a box of ammo.

Hang in there and if you have buddy thats use to smaller pistols let them give yours a try. Don't give up. I own a handgun now that a person that had so many problems they sold it to me for a very low price. Been a great pistol for me.
As noted about try a bit of polishing on the feed ramp, besure its well lubed and my ammo of choice is for first shots is remmy green white box for practice and magtec. Allways run fine . remmy is dirty buy works.
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