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Originally Posted by Salmoneye
As I pointed out earlier...If this is real, then you'd think this amazing equipment and software would be seeing anomalous/extreme events at the chamber, even if they do not end in catastrophic failure...
You'd think, but the phenomenon certainly does happen. I suspect that the exact chain needed to cause it is very particular. Like getting bit by a shark while surfing, hit by lightning on the beach, having your ambulance crash and then your medivac helicopter crash after you're rescued from the ambulance. Unlikely to happen but given enough chances...

Originally Posted by Jimro
An alternate explanation is that the primer explosion pushes the bullet into the lands, jamming it in place. This causes the burning powder to not have the normal expansion space because the bullet is not moving forward and the force of resistance is greater on a stationary object than a moving object.
I can't discount the idea entirely but we know how much extra pressure is created by jamming the bullet in the rifling and it shouldn't be any where near enough to create a bomb out of what should be a very low pressure system.

It seems unlikely to me but the whole thing is unlikely, so who knows.

It's possible that your idea fits with my idea actually. The bullet jumps forward into the rifling and then stops, rather than my initial suggestions that it just slows down. Could be that it doesn't stop entirely but the rifling slows it down enough... Any guess is as good as mine, I imagine.
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