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Agree with you...

At 15-20 yds all my groups were low, as I really misestimated the location of the 0 ring (aimed 'center mass' and filled the -1 area with a few even lower). I think got away with it at 5-7 as I could faintly make out the perferations of the 0 ring. Gimme a black marker or a 1" florescent dot and I will fix that darn cardboard cutout. But again.... 1st time shooting at a real IDPA target.

In hindsight, I can shave a lot of time by knowing what I am up against on each stage...

Doing it again.... which I will soon. I will shake my fear of shooting myself and attempt to draw faster on Stage 1, but shoot at the same pace. I will attempt to draw and reload faster for Stage 2. And will run/jog thru stage 3, reload like a biped with opposable thumbs, but ultimately shoot slower and to a location higher on the target.

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