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I don't think you'll see any appreciable differences between what Gomez taught and what Travis Haley is teaching. (Gomez did a little better job of illustrating how the support hand is used to "fill in the gap").

This is common to all those who teach the Modern Isosceles grip//stance (realizing that there are a few minor variations). Andy Stanford, Massad Ayoob, James Yeager, Clint Smith & Jerry Miculek are just a few of the instructors under whom I have trained.

Andy & Yeager taught the M/I platform in the classes I took -- and Gomez was a fellow student in those (and many other) classes.

In my three-day Pistol class with Clint Smith, and in my two-days of one-on-one instruction from Jerry Miculek, neither suggested even a minor modification of my grip//stance. I'm not suggesting that I'm any sort of great shooter or gun expert -- just saying that two of the world's top gurus approved of what I had been taught (and have been using for years.)
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