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I'm not sure what happy cloud I exist upon that allows me to take what I like and make the best of it without getting so defensive and angry about a subject.

My EDC is a Glock and I don't like Glocks, but I get along well with this pistol, I've detailed that in other posts. Been carrying it 4 years and have no plans to change. It's the only Glock I own and I hope to never own another.

My car gun (only comes with me when I'm headed somewhere that I am NOT ALLOWED to carry, so the "car gun" stays in the car in case it gets stolen) is a Ruger P-95. DA/SA. I'm perfectly happy with this pistol in it's role.

On the range, the Ruger P-95 isn't much fun. Boring reliability, combat-worthy trigger in SA mode, and a horrendously long pull in DA mode. I have no qualms about carrying this gun.

The 1st-to-2nd shot transition is REAL and a force to be reckoned with, but it's a fun exercise to practice double taps with it, transition and all.

It's a bad choice if you want to play any organized gun game, because you can't carry it cocked & locked so you must start with that long DA pull and make that transition. It's a handicap, pure & simple and anyone who says otherwise is delusional.

Even still, it has a place. I grew up in the 80s and DA/SA was all the rage. 1911 pistols were only viable for work if they were tuned by someone with the skills to make them run all the time. That wasn't the relaity for all guns I'm sure...but that was the mantra.

Why so many folks have to pigeon hole themselves in to one specific style, class, manual of arms, etc?! I'll never understand.

I'm a gun guy. I like guns. Mostly, I like handguns. All are welcome, some even get to stay.
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