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Just curious, do you still own those beaut's as you say "over the years"... Reason I ask is I have always had a problem getting rid of them . I never thought I would get close to maxing out my safe (yet some of the members here have several so I don't feel too bad)...
No, of the ones pictured I only still own the S&W M28 and M66. The Redhawk and the S&W M21 were both sold and replaced with a S&W 629-6 (though the Redhawk is still in the family as I sold it to my younger brother). The Colt Cobra was also sold to a lady acquaintence who was moving to another state by herself and needed a handgun for personal protection. I do, however, own a few more revolvers which I've never gotten around to taking pictures of including the aforementioned 629, a S&W M36, Webley Mk. IV, and H&R Model 999 Sportsman. I've also previously owned a Taurus 445 snub but never bothered to take a picture of it. I sometimes regret selling the S&W M21 and the Colt Cobra, but I've never really missed the Taurus or the Ruger all that much (of course I can still shoot the Ruger occasionally).
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