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Ruger .30 M-1 BHK

I have one and shoot it often. I use a Lyman 120 RNF (311008) cast bullet sized to .309" and load with 4.5 of Red Dot or 6.0 og Unique. Very accurate. I scoped it and when using a rest could pop a 4" wide plate at 75 to 100 yards--this is with a 2 x scope. On one occassion I had a large field to shoot into--it was dry sand that was just disced. Set up a 16 ounce soup can at 250 yards---using a sandbag rest and no scope, I manged to pop it farirly often...I could only see it becase the can was glinting in the sun and the sand was dark...(good contrast). I knew I hit it when the glint "moved"...I did retrieve the can and it had been hit multiple times. When I missed I could easily see the strikes ..plumes in the dusty sand.

I then tried my hand with a .357/.41/.44 magnum---let's just say that they didn't do very well by comparison and all sported 8" barrels! Also, there was a stiff crosswind..the .30 shot far flatter than any of the magnums. The load was 6.0 grains of Unique with a Lyman 130 RN (311410) bullet.

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