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Good morning Gentlemen,,,

I stopped by the Evil Pawn Shop after work yesterday,,,
I wanted to see if he had gotten in any new stock.

There was a very slick Ruger Bearcat sitting there,,,
IIRC he had it tagged at $415.00 which ain't bad.

But again, neither of them were enamored with SA cowboy guns,,,
Although I bet she would look great in a gunslinger rig,,,
She has many of the attributes of Hannie Caulder.

After I left the Evil Pawn shop I stopped at Joseppi's for a beer,,,
I struck up a conversation and asked when we were shooting again,,,
Basically I was trying to be sneaky and ask her about her preference again.

So I said, "What guns should I bring this time?",,,
I was surprised that she said to bring my small semi-auto's.

Hey, maybe I was wrong about her preferring the revolvers,,,
I can't see how I could be though because that's what she kept shooting.

So I'm going to hold off buying either gun for her until we go shooting again,,,
It's definitely (probably) the SR-22 for the guy though.

I will go ahead and get the SR-22 so I can start on the holster for the guy,,,
I can have her shoot it as well, just to see if she likes it at all,,,
If she does like it, I'll get her a Ruger as well,,,
If not, it's the Charter Arms Pathfinder.

Thanks Gentlemen,,,
It's been interesting reading your suggestions.


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