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Hey Cuba, Just wonder if there is then a latter version that says don't do this, we are breaking too many extractors.

I can just speak of personal experience. The 92FS is designed to do this. Neither the 92 or any of my .22's cared. When I got my Cougar and went to load a dead round to practice with (empty casing so it couldn't be magazine fed), the Cougar was not happy. Lots of binding or resistance in trying to close the slide so I looked into it. The extractor on the Cougar does not move as the 92's nor does it slide over the cartridge well. You can force it but it clearly isn't good for it. Ammo should only be fed from the magazine. If you load a round and drop the slide, you won't notice it but if you close the slide manually, you can sure feel it's not good. My Ruger and Smith 5906 are the same as the Cougar. The 92FS is the only gun I will load directly into the chamber.
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