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For whatever reason?

Why not admit what you already know—that such dislike is a subjective expression of your preferences and not objective "truth" that covers what "everyone should use."

The DA/SA system isn't difficult to master. It isn't getting anyone killed. It is not "inferior," it's just different.

Folks who don't prefer most striker fired systems don't seem to trash them with the fervor that DA/SA is slammed with.
when has anyone ever trashed the DA/SA system? to me this sounds like a rant caused by one person's comments that has been taken completely out of context. striker versus hammer is one of the biggest handgun arguments out there right next to "plastic VS metal" and "G17 vs M9". I do not like DA/SA guns. why, you ask? because I don't want to have to take the time to exorcise my fingers so that a 12 pound trigger pull feels normal. I do not want to have to try to remember whether I'm packing hammer down or hammer back when I have a split second to defend myself, my family and my property.

does this mean that the DA/SA is a horrible system that has no place in firearms manufacture? no, of course not but for my purposes and tactics mindset it is not anything that I would use for concealed carry or home defense and it is the last gun that I would leave at home for wifey to defend herself with when I have plenty of striker fired guns that are point and shoot reliable without her having to figure out the difference between a SA trigger pull and DA trigger pull.

also as for truth and dislike, 100% of the discussions on this board center around personal tastes, what the heck does subjective preference vs absolute truth have to do with anything, 100% of the people that say that they don't like DA/SA are stating just that; they do not like them. it is the very same way that you have started this thread with a 100% subjective mindset and stated that you do like them therefore your argument of absolute truth is flawed and instantly rendered invalid. there are plenty of good striker fired guns out there and plenty of DA/SA, both can have identical track records for reliability, durability and technical support. the only thing that divides them is going to be personal preference since objective proof is rendered invalid do to empirical data canceling itself out.
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