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'Field Search'

I made through two 'Field Searches' with a Seacamp .32 in a right/rear wallet holster. It, being the outline of the holster, was futher concealed with a neutral color bandana.

On the first, after I was securely seated, straped, and restrained in the rear seat. I mentioned to the #2 Passenger LEO who was baby-sitting me in the Cruiser, that there was a pistol in my right/reat pocket. After being instructed to move a bit and lean fwd, I was 'searched' again with a baton.

The Sarge In Charge got all bent out of shape when it was revealed that I was seated in the rear of the cruiser, cuffed with hands behind my back, within reach of a .32ACP.

In defense of the guys/gals in Blue, or Gray (TxDPS), both Arrests occured soon after CHLs were approved. I didn't have mine then, I do now. The charges were not persued. They have now been Expunged. Although the Accusations weren't persued, I did take the ride.

Too lengthy a Post, but if you wear a Badge, you might think about it the next time you perform a Field Search and allow soneone to sit behind you

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