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^ Yes Secret Service Uses Sig .357 - and by "Operator" I was referring to Seals but I suppose technically it would be Delta Force.

Country Organization Name Model
Bangladesh Bangladesh Navy[18] P226, P228, P229
Special Security Force (SSF) of the Bangladesh Army[18] P226, P228, P229
Canada Canadian Special Forces[3] P226, P229
Royal Canadian Navy[citation needed] P225
Canadian Forces Military Police[19] P225
Ontario Provincial Police[20] P229
Royal Newfoundland Constabulary[21] P226
Vancouver Police Department[22] P226
Finland Finnish Army[3] P226
Georgia Used by police and special forces[citation needed] P226
Germany Spezialeinsatzkommandos (SEKs) of the police, and the Federal Criminal Police Office[23] P226, P229
Greece EKAM counter-terrorist unit of the Hellenic Police[24][25] P229
India Indian Army[3] P226
Indonesia Komando Pasukan Katak (Kopaska) tactical diver group of the Indonesian Navy[26] P226, P228
Komando Pasukan Khusus (Kopassus) special forces group of the Indonesian Army[26] P226, P228
Iran Manufactured unlicensed by Defense Industries Organization as the ZOAF[27] P226
Ireland Army Ranger Wing[28] P226
Detectives of An Garda Síochána and the Emergency Response Unit (Garda)[29] P226
Republic of Korea Republic of Korea Naval Special Warfare Flotilla[30] P226N
Luxembourg Unité Spéciale de la Police of the Grand Ducal Police[31][32][33] P226, P228
Malaysia Malaysian Special Operations Force[34] P226, P228
Netherlands Unit Interventie Mariniers (UIM) of the Netherlands Marine Corps[35] P226
New Zealand New Zealand Defence Force[36] P226, P226R designated P226AL
Pakistan Special Service Group of the Pakistan Army[citation needed] P226
Poland GROM special group[37] P228
Portugal Portuguese Armed Forces[38] P228
Singapore Singapore Armed Forces[39] P226
Spain Grupo Especial de Operaciones (GEO) of the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía[40] P226
Sweden Swedish Police Service[41] P226, P228, P229
Turkey[3] ___ P229
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Army[3] P228
Various special forces[3] P228
United Kingdom British Army (standard P226 designated L105A1[3] and improved version with corrosion resistant finish designated L106A1[citation needed], P229 designated L117A2[3]) P226, P229
Special Air Service[3] P226, P228 designated L117A1
Ministry of Defence Police[citation needed] P229
United States U.S. Army[42] P228 (as the M11)
U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command[43] P229
U.S. Coast Guard[43] P229R DAK .40 S&W
U.S. Department of Homeland Security[43] P229 DAK (.40 S&W)
U.S. Diplomatic Security Service (U.S. Department of State)[44] P228, P229, P229R (9×19mm)
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration[42] P228
U.S. Federal Air Marshals[45] P229 (.357 SIG)
U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation[42] P226
U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations[44] P228 (9×19mm)
Naval Criminal Investigative Service[46] P229, P239 (.40 S&W)
U.S. Navy SEALs[47] P226, P228 (9×19mm)
U.S. Navy[48] P228(M11) (9×19mm)
U.S. Secret Service[49] P229 (.357 SIG)
U.S. Postal Inspection Service[50] P229 DAK (.40 S&W)
Texas Ranger Division[51] P226 (.357 SIG)
New York Police Department[52] P226 DAK (9×19mm)
Orlando Police Department[53] P226R (9×19mm)
Anne Arundel County Police Department[54] P229R DA/SA (.40 S&W)
Memphis Police Department[55] P229 DAK
Shelby County Sheriff's Office[56] P226, P229 DAK (.40 S&W)
Connecticut State Police[57] P229 (.40 S&W)
University of California Police Department (UCLA)[citation needed] P226R (.40 S&W)
New Jersey State Police[58] P228 (9×19mm)
Houston Police Department[59] P229, P226 .40 S&W
Sacramento Police Department[60] P226R, P229, P239
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