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I own both striker fired and DA/SA. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer as to which is better. I completely understand why many people prefer the simplicity and greater consistency of a striker fired gun. I prefer DA/SA for the following reasons:

1. I've found that in tactical/self-defense pistol classes I am just more comfortable reholstering with my thumb on the back of the hammer. Yes, there should be no problem with a striker fired gun if you exercise proper technique and trigger discipline, but my control over the exposed hammer just gives me a greater measure of comfort.

2. I prefer the slightly heavier DA trigger pull on the first round, again for safety/peace of mind reasons. A five pound trigger pull on a holstered gun with no safety makes me slightly nervous. Yes, I know training is all important and tens of thousands of LEOs regulalry carry striker fired guns with no problem, but again the DA/SA system makes me more comfortable.

3. I am slightly less accurate with the first round fired DA as opposed to SA or a decent striker fired trigger, but still plenty accurate for combat/self-defense purposes, which is what I care about. I don't find the first DA trigger pull to be a problem whatsoever from a practical standpoint, and the subsequent 12 or 14 rounds SA are much better than your average striker fired gun.
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