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I've been single since 1975 and moved around a lot. For me, Texas is the best place I've ever lived. I know what restrictive gun laws are like since I was born in Chicago and lived in Illinois for years. Texas is home!

Utah............ Been there, traveled there and loved the land! I absolutely HATE winter so it would never work for me. They have some brutal winters.

I loved Montana and Wyoming, too but left in a hurry when I found out about their winters!

Utah....a real concern and I'll get some flack for this. If you aren't in the LDS (Morman) church, then you aren't. Aren't what? answer......ANYTHING! LDS members take care of other LDS members. I've encountered that on several jobs here in Texas and the favoritism is blatant. Since you are in a profession that deals with the public, you ought to consider that. Just get ready to be at the back of the line for everything if you aren't LDS material. If you are in the church, then you have it made.

When Donnie Osmond did a sexy dance in Dancing With The Stars, he joked that they may not let him back into Utah. It was funny but was pretty truthful, too. Just a point to ponder.............

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