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Klawman is just jealous because I'm younger than he is ( and better looking ) .... ....( my halloween mask was "the klawman"...) ....

You might have a point there Zippy ....haven't really thought about it .../ I just keep making shells !! But seriously, the hydraulics are pretty fact I don't even bolt them down to the bench / although I do have them on an anti-skid mat....but they don't rock nearly as much as a machine where you pull the handle....( like the 9000 GN ) and the hydraulic machines have an extra stabilizer from the upper part of the press to the base / that the 9000 GN doesn't have too...

( the 9000 GN is a manually operated press/still has a handle that you pull down and then up to cycle the press ....the 9000 HN is operated by hydraulics - and operated by a foot pedal on the floor ) case some of you guys have not seen these things work.
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