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black brick, off-topic; S&W-Walther....

Yes, the PPX is a bit "fugly" . It also looks like a stout blunt object if 15/17 rounds of JHP doesn't stop the threat. lol

The chunky/brick design seems spartan too but if it's easy to clean & can hold up to bad weather then so be it.
I'd be interested to know why Smith and Wesson cut ties with Walther America. Do any forum members know if Walther America will still offer US customers a full lifetime service warranty?

My big concerns for the PPX line is that early models hold up well. Like the first Ruger SR9s, I wouldn't want to buy a new PPX then have it crap out.
FWIW: The SR9 went on to get a few "Handgun of the Year" honors by the firearm industry.

I agree with Fishbed's remarks.
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