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Glock 17. Weight and capacity. They are equal in all other areas.
Absolutely wrong. Have you ever tried to do a detailed cleaning of a Beretta? to get to the firing pin it is a nightmare. I did it once, cleaned it, but it back together and propmtly trade it away.

A weapon that can't be maintained properly will fail, it is only a matter of when. To get to the beretta's firing pin you have to take off the rear sights and numerous small parts of the safety and I forget what else. To make matters worse the assembly process is different than the dissassembly. There are two or three steps that have to be done differently. I bought an AGI video to show me how.

No sir, the Beretta and the Glock are not equal by a long shot. I do like the way it shoots because of the 5" barrel. What I prefer is the Glock 34. 5.25 inch barrel and Glock reliability, simplicity and accuracy.
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