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My bolts are all claw extractors (rugers). Not trying to be argumentative. The theory sounds logical and as previously said, I'm confident br rifles perform as you have indicated. My personal experience so far does not bear this out (fl sizing demonstrating better performance). I'm fairly anal about my approach or at least I try to be. I do not go to what I will call extremes (neck turning for example) But I do weigh each case, charge, bullet etc, prepare cases the same way and in fact use the same cases. On every 4 or so reloading when I need to fl size it appears my group sizes are larger on average. I'll do some more conclusive testing. I use quality components (redding dies fl sizing dies) and I compare shoulder pre and post sizing. I am rarely pushing the shoulder back more then .002. There is an occasion where too much lube cause the shoulder to go back .004 but that is the exception. So the only conclusion I can draw if reality proves me right, is that the tolerances play more into this.
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