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I disagree. I definately believe there is no right to violently overthrow the government. True, it has been done in other places but it's never a good idea. The American Revolution was a colonial war. The government of Great Britain was not overthrown. That had happened there but they quickly tired of the consequences. So if that's what you're thinking of, please think twice.

I'm not sure if I believe the 2nd amendment has a singlular purpose or not (never thought of it that way) but I don't believe overthrowing the government is one of them. In fact, I wish to go on record as not wanting the government (any government) to be overthrown by violent means. I have said this before (and people have disagreed), the end result will invariably be worse. The central government after the revolution was stronger than any single state government before the revolution. And it was even stronger still after the constitution was adopted (to form a more perfect union). But perhaps you want a strong central government!
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