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I don't care for lobster either - yuck!
Oddly....I love crab legs.

On the EXACT same page with that. I can eat pounds of crab legs! Won't touch a lobster though.

Anyways, yes...I prefer a consistent weight pull. However..My most fired handgun I own is my SIG P226. Which I adore. At one point I shot it better than all my other guns.

What changed? 1911's and Glocks in my hands due to one of my injuries being to my trigger finger. (which is fine now, I can shoot anything and it's perfect) I had 4-5 months where all I could shoot was a tuned 1911 and then Glock..and now I can shoot a 20lbs trigger. I just got used to the SA setup. Plus..the issued G22 and all.

Honestly, I like them both. I just really prefer SA only on most guns. My favorite DA/SA is my SIG and always will be.
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