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CCW does not require a 3 month wait. It does require a background check and a minimal class. Classes are readily available. Some counties accept a Hunter Safety course as training. Permits are SHALL issue. (My recently retired county Sheriff made that happen :-)

Denver keeps trying to mimic other big city gun control schemes but hasn't succeeded in a big way. Don't go there. Denver itself is a very small part of the Denver metro area.

The State Legislature rolled over to Democrat this election so with both houses belonging to Dems with a Dem governor, it's possible that gun rights may be rolled back a bit in the future.

Aurora seems to be a high-crime area. At least it's on the TV news a lot. And the bad dudes in that area seem to think that vicious dogs are cool so there's controversy over the topic.

C. Springs has some bad areas but doesn't make the Denver news for it as often as Aurora. Conservative city with lots of retired military and lots of gun stores and ranges.

And marijuana for recreational use was legalized this election. How THAT will play out is very unclear. One would hope it has no bearing on gun rights but only time will tell.
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