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For my uses, I would prefer the G17.

But for a purely range gun or home defense, the Beretta is a VERY nice gun.

The trigger was very smooth and defined, the action felt like glass, it was big enough that recoil was practically non-existant.

I actually got the 2nd highest score in my CCW class way back in 1998 with a Taurus PT92 (Same as the Beretta with a better safety). The only guy that did better than me was a guy who cheated and used used a Colt Woodsman in .22LR.

But it is way too big to carry concealed. It is big for people with small hands (like my wife) and it is much heavier.

Plus you can get 33 rnd magazines for the Glock.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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