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Sig P938 Review !!

No pics right now, it's on my phone, and I have to picture my phone picture...

250 rounds, 2 magazine, factory + x-grip 7 shot.

I had 2 jams in the x-grip 7 shot magazine, and 2 FTF's, one was no strike and the other was light strike, using both 115grains.

I used 3x 115 grain (2x pmc 9mm 115grain,-1 JHP federal old school box from 90's, no jams on these HP's.)

The other 2x boxes were 124grain spearlawman.

Right now it looks like it was shooting low, left with the x-grip magazine for some REASON!???????! It was like on and off, I could hit near the center but not hit it always. Still It's better than my J-frame shooting. I had the p238 and it didn't shoot on par also. Small autos are harder.

I notice the rear sight looked more LEFT than right, so I might send it back to fix the accurcy.

All in all I will trust this as a back up gun, 2ftf in 250 rounds is fine, but I will carry 115grain federal hp or spearlawman 124.

Gun is well made, the grips are metal, mine is the two tone model. Really like it, had lc9 and this definitely worth 2x the price.

I also had 1 FTF in my mossberg 88 using federal buck full loads, I will link that review later here[]. It was faint strike then 2nd was faint, believe primer was in deep. I think that might be what the 115grain 9mm was, primer set too deep, firing pin can't hit.

Not buying anymore x-grip magazines, staying with 6 shot factory.
Has Taurus really spent more on shipping customers their firearms back to them than actual sales?
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