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I do not donate to wounded warrior or any of the numerous organizations, which have become fashionable, allegedly supporting these brave men and women.

Instead I donate my time by assisting individual Veterans who are in need of help. Currently, I am assisting 2 veterans in obtaining their benefits. We are preparing to bring a homeless Vietnam Vet on to our place as a care taker.

When I meet a Vet I talk with them. I identify their needs, if any, and assist them by giving them a ride or a hot meal.

Most of the guys I meet need someone to listen who understands their situation.

I had the opportunity to spend time with one of the top Marine Snipers from Vietnam. He was suffering from PTSD and did not trust the system. Through our talks I was able get him speak with a DVA counselor who got him into the system. He is now getting help and benefits which allows him to live with dignity. The reason I was able to get through to him was, as he stated, "you never asked the question."

The question was "what is your body count". So for goodness sake, when you talk with these guys don't ask them what their body count is. Their number is very personal and they will speak of it when they trust you.

NOTE: The guys who brag about their count are generally pikers.
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