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It depends on the minimum magnification. I played with all sorts of glass and optics on my LE6920 that also has the tall front sight tower. A 1-4x optic will stare straight at that tower, and you won't see much else. A 6-24x doesn' see it at all, and I only get the slightest distortion even at 6 that I have to actually look for, and infer it's the tower, not actually "see" the tower. And my third option was a Vortex Strikefire and VMX3 3x Magnifier on swing out mount. That's the set-up I appear to be gravitating towards. For as far as I can shoot on the ranges out here, that's more than enough glass for me.

The 1-4x can't see.

THe 6-24x wouldn't mount effectively without jumping through some hoops, but it does work very well with some caveats. I had/wanted a carry handle anyway, so I picked one up from Gunbroker. I bought a rail insert that goes inside the carry handle, but is hollow to still allow use of the sights (the tower and carry handle rear sight line up through the holow) and then on the rail above that, is the 6-24. Cheek weld isn't PERFECT, but for as big as my head is, it isn't bad. With a carbine length upper, the tube had issues without the carry handle riser... far enough forward to use the charging handle easily meant it was trying to occupy the same space as the front tower... far enough back to clear the tower, and it was a contortionists dream to pull the charging handle.

The Red Dot + Magnifier seems to work the best. In a perfect world, and eventually, I probably will replace the MOE handguard with the Daniel Defense Omega VII free float rail system so I can get the red dot, and thus the magnifier a couple more inches forward, at which point I can remount the magpul BUIS and "co-witness" with the red dot. Co-witness means you look through your sights, and you can line up the rear sight, the red dot, and the front sight all in a line and all three will be in line with your target.
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