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Originally Posted by geetarman
It must satisfy some inner need that I just don't get.
Hitting little-bitty things that are far away.

A 22-250 shooting that 35gr bullet at 4,435fps is about as close to a hand-held laser as you can get, inside about 400 yards.

Imagine shooting woodchucks:

In the head, with no hold-over or scope adjustment, at 365 yards.

See the far, more or less triangular brown patch in this picture?

That's 365 yards. My .204Ruger requires a wee-bit of holdover at that range. The 22-250, none.

You can shoot them from Point Blank to near on 400 yards without worry of "Let's see, how far is that? How many clicks, how much hold-over?"

Even the wind is irrelevant so long as it's not strong. Even with a good, stiff wind, you only get 3 or 4 inches of drift at those distances with those speeds.
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