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While I do not agree, I do understand their position. I have seen too many of my brothers and sisters return after substantial injuries and want nothing to do with a weapon ever again. I understand this feeling, and will support them no matter how they feel about weapons. I do not agree with the charity's stance on accepting donations from firearm manufacturers. I would understand if they would not endorse them, but that is a different story. Basically, Wounded Warriors really does help with some of these soldiers, as long as they do, I will continue to donate to them. My support of these soldiers is more important than my views on how I think the charity should run their business. I am not trying to make anyone mad or stir the pot, but had seen too many of my service brothers and sisters, belittled and ignored when they returned. So my main thing is, no matter how they align themselves with religion or firearms, if they help these soldiers, they will have my support. They are not marching against firearm makers, they just do not want their support. While that is a poor move financially, it is the charity's ultimate decision.
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