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Drawing a weapon is a last resort.

Some times it is not possible to evade. My experience is as follows:

I had just been mustered out of the Army and was returning home. My bike was a 1974 Honda 750 K4 with a wind jammer II fairing. Top end was about 90 mph. Note that is why I ride bikes with top ends in excess of 120 now.

The 1911 was in the right hand (lockable) fairing compartment. The chain was in the left pocket.

When crossing the Mississippi River on the old Memphis bridge, a pickup truck tried to run me into the center guard rails. He could out accelerate me and braking he could stay with me. I beeped repeatedly but he kept coming. It was a deliberate attempt to hit me. I could not access the pistol so I used the chain to smash his windshield. He stopped and I escaped through traffic and did not stop until I was well past the MO line.

To days bikes have the ability to outrun/out maneuver just about any 4 wheeler on the highway. Those vintage bikes, especially those which were dressed, did not have the power and maneuverability, to out run or out maneuver, the muscle vehicles of the early 70s. Back then it was not uncommon to find 429 Cobra Jet engines in beat up PUs.

My point in this post is that If you get in a situation were, as a last resort, you need the Pistol, not many riders carry spare chains anymore, it needs to be positioned were you can access it and still maintain throttle control.

In a separate incident a drunk in a PU tried to play tag with me. My bike was a V-65 Sabre. It had the acceleration and top end to get away. It is a trip to run a 165 mph down AR hwy 7 south of Camden Ar at night.

I later had the privilege of arresting the driver for felony DUI. He did 5 years in Cummings.

Remember "Satan Clause is out there" "be prepared Son."
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