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Funny thing happened at the range...

Had a group of friends (not mine) come to the range last weekend. They went back in the range and were having a good time shooting. Then, this kid (17 ~ 20 or so) comes in the shop and asks me if I can help him with a jam. Yeah, no problem.

So I go into the range and I look at his rifle. Its an older pump 22. And there is a round that looks like its stuck in the mag tube and its not getting pushed up to the bolt carrier. I mess with it for about 10 seconds and realized this was going to be a bit of a problem.

After 5 minutes of cussing and sweat - I find this

Something tells me his buddies were telling him not to put a .22 mag in a rifle that says ".22 short, long, Long Rifle ONLY" Because when I took it back to him and told him what was going on they all started ribbing him.

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