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I'm not buying the high ground 'automatic'...that is more a battleground scenario....

Retreating into a bedroom, . . . gives the total advantage to the bg, . . . he has some idea where you are, . . . you have no real idea where he is. He can initiate the fight from concealment, . . .
I'm gonna have to disagree with you here. Our master bedroom is at the end of the hallway....I have a 100% idea where he is, virtually impossible to be stealthy and he cannot hide from any shots to doorway or hallway. I also have the advantage of the door being closed. He knows nothing except I am behind that door but how many? what room is it(ours is big with two closets and one a walkin, bathroom, shower etc)? if I haven't said anything he doesn't even know I or we are in there? and he can't hear anything like me hearing everything(coincidence with my home,,,squeaking stairway door...literally wakes up baby in our home..etc)

I also have a doorway on the stairs and it is actually like a horsebarn door...the top unlatches and can open leaving the bottom shut if I want(he would have to bust door or reach overtop to unlatch bottom part). I guess I could leave that door closed but any shots fired are sideways as at the top of the stairs you must take a left or right. It would be considerably more difficult and dangerous to fire upon BG from top of the stairs in my family's specific situation+in my opinion) on either side of bottom, he could literally reach thru rail and fire upstairs, another hallway andor area at the bottom, he can be stealthy but now I can't etc. also, I have to show myself to get a shot. If I do this and he is waiting I am dead just like that. I feel like this thread was answered right at the beginning stages...there are just differing options, other acceptable tactics, and better options depending on one's personal home left.
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