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Results of using match or target type bullets on game may be less than optimum. While there are many who use this combination, it's not recommended by the bullet makers and I'll bet they've a reason for this advice.
Case in point. Last week, I witnessed a medium sized buck hit in the lower chest(possibly a little further back than perfect) by a 155 BTHP match bullet-2800+fps MV-hit at 200 yards still well over 2500 fps. Solid thump indicated a body hit and deer ran off. No blood trail and deer not recovered. I'm sure the deer died somewhere since a .308 hole anywhere in the body cavity is nearly always fatal. The fact that the hit occurred in a wide open field made no diff. A 3 hour search by an experienced hunter/tracker failed.
A few days prior to this fiasco, I saw the result of this same bullet hitting a deer in a frontal presentation. Bullet struck ribs and grenaded, dropping deer instantly. Two hits with totally opposite results simply due to resistance encountered indicates this is not an acceptable game bullet.
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