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Now the .410 with '00'/'000' buck from a full choke .410 barrel will spread out more than the same load through a cylinder choke barrel (my reason for buying the spare 18.5 inch barrel for the Mossberg 50104).

The results shooting '000' buck through the factory 24-inch full choke barrel caused inconsistent patterns at 5-6 yards,I would use the same aiming point but would get a pattern going high or low.

Now that isn't to say that all buckshot will do the same,for example #4 buck due to it's smaller pellet size will have a tighter pattern that is more consistent with what one would expect to see with birdshot through a full choke (and because most .410's are sent from the factory wearing a full choked tube #4 buck would be the best round to use in them for a larger than normal pest removal situation)

The reason for the inconsistent patterns with larger shot size I think is due to the already restrictive nature of the .410 shotshell.

The full choke forces the shotcup and pellets to squeeze through thus causing pre-mature opening of the shot cup,which leads to inconsistent wide patterns.

You can see this in brass fetcher's youtube vid of the Winchester 5 pellet .410 load (as he did state that the barrel was a full choke at a distance of 10 feet)

Here is my vid showing the federal '000' pattern through a full choke at 15-20 feet

Here are the results when fired at the same distance as shown in the above vid,only using the 18.5 inch cylinder choke barrel.

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