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Hey Rebs. I'm glad you showed up. I saw the range report you did on your rifle. Excellent shooting with a semi automatic rifle!! I'd like to ask, how did you mount the scope so as to not get the factory front sight in your field of view. Remember, I'm not an AR guy. Those factory A2 front sights seem quite high. Are the iron sights now unusable??

Again, thanks everyone.
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The front sight will not be seen through your scope, I just mounted the scope right on the rail and all is fine. I cannot explain the technical reason but you do not see the front sight at all, its like it is not even there. Maybe because the scope cannot focus on an object that close. I removed the rear sight as I never use it anyway and that enabled me to mount the scope lower and closer to the axis of the bore.
I would recommend the Sport to anyone looking for an AR rifle, also the only thing I have changed on mine is adding the Nikon scope.
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