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Congrats...Great to see some one else in the Boberg Club. Got mine a few weeks ago thru GB - NIB. Mine is an older production sr # 4XX where they are now above 700. Beautifully made new unique pistol with Rolex percision quality. Kinda mirrors function of the massive old Mars pistol.
On the bad side I had to send mine back because the trigger bar spring broke. They were going to do a whole bunch of upgrades to.
The Boberg has fantastic customer service.
A lot of people will talk them down because a PF9 Keltec is cheaper. They are experts because they read it on the internet.
They are right and so is a Hi-Point.
However the 9MM Bobers is the size of a tiny Rohrbough. But the Boberg shoots +P has a longer barrel and holds more rounds. TO Top it all the Boberd cost less than the Rohrbaugh, Kimber Solo, or Springfield EMP.
Not for everyone.
DLiller when you pull the slide back pull it all the way back sharply and then let it go. Use recommened ammo on website.
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