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Aarond old buddy (I can call you old because you're six months my senior ),,

You're running into what I've come to call the .22 conundrum.

As gun enthusiasts, we all gravitate to the better/finer fare out there that suits our personal tastes.
When it comes time to introduce a newbie, it's often with equipment that's well beyond their means or ability to buy.
That leads to - compromise...

You served the young lady filet mingon(S&W M18),,,,and now want to give her a gift card to Golden Corral.(Charter/Ruger).
Not that there's anything wrong with Charter/Ruger - it's just that they will never wear the name "Masterpiece".

This, along with other reasons, is why I no longer recommend a .22 as a "first gun".
A .22 is a good introduction, but, I've become convinced that introduction is - as all should be - short sweet and to the point.
Have you considerd a used S&W M10?
The M10 will have the same feel and same S&W trigger as the M18.

are a variety of the High Standards....I have a Sport King model ...( none of them are sexy ) ...they're kind of old school ...but they are fantastic shooting guns ....
As much as I love my Sport King....the under 1# trigger it has isn't anything I like to put in the hands of an inexperienced user - or - even in the hands of an experienced user w/out warning them first.

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