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I put a little of every caliber in each can. That way if something happens and I want to go quickly I can grab just one can and have a little of everything in it
I like this idea for one can I'll call it my bugout can

I keep each caliber seperate in ammo cans with anti moister packet inside . I also keep them in the factory boxes unless there the kinda were the box is way to big . I can't remember which one but I've had some 308 stuff that the box was huge . I take those out to save room .

I did have some what the same quetion about storing ammo in cardboard boxes . The cardboard can attract and hold moister yes? I have considered putting all the ammo into zip lock bags then ammo can for the stuff I store long term 5+ years at a time . I see guys do this then put a small piece of the box that says what it is in the bag .
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