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DLiller: thanks for the info on the Boberg. I look forward to hearing more after you get some range time with it.

I've had a chance to play with a Boberg once. The design intrigues me, but I'm a little worried about possible ammo sensitivity. I know the designer used measures such as the rotating barrel to slow down initial slide movement, but the round is still being stripped from the magazine by the case rim at the fasted point in the slide's movement: the beginning. I worry that would cause the gun to be overly sensitive to ammo pressure; too high and the feed arm either pops off the case rim or breaks the rim altogether, too low and the slide isn't moving fast enough to both strip the round from the mag and still reach the full rearward position. It just seems to me that the advantage of a slightly longer barrel in a slightly smaller package isn't worth a delicate cartridge feeding process.

But I haven't shot one or talked to anyone who has, so I could be completely wrong. I'll be interested to hear what you and others have to say about it after it's been tested more. It would be great if this design actually worked well in a compact handgun; truly revolutionary designs don't come around very often in this business.
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