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Interesting it sounds like political correctness run rampant
I agree, it seems nonsensical to not support the Wounded Warriors Project because the organization doesn't want to be associated with whatever your political persuasion is.
Lets be clear, guns are highly political. Many if not most posters on this site make political decisions based solely on firearms issues. That alone would be reason enough, for an organization that wanted to be non-partisan, to avoid association with firearms.

One poster belittled the notion that the association between returning soldiers and firearms. I'd like to point out that very few American vets are Japanese citizens.
The suicide rates amongst vets is a national tragedy.
Michael Ecker, a 25-year-old Iraq war veteran, called out to his father from a leafy spot in their backyard. Then, as the two stood just steps apart, Michael saluted, raised a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.
Veterans frequently do use firearms to commit suicide. I don't think it is out of order for WWP to want to stay away from associations with firearms on that account.

They don't want your money.
That is just silly talk. There is a vast difference between accepting donations from an organization and giving you imprimatur to that same organization.

Charities that are aimed at helping gamblers or addicts accept money from casinos and alcohol producers, but they don't have links on their web sites to the Billagio or Budweiser.

I'd like to suggest that only reason to support or not support a charity whose mission you agree with, is how well they fulfill their mission.
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