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Added 2 to the stable...maybe

I snatched up a couple guns tonight for a deal that I feel is an extreme steal. Knowing so, I actually picked them up with the intent of trading them up or selling them off.

However I have a severe attraction to robust revolvers. To me, they are much like cheating on my old lady. My .45 is my go to carry gun. With me all day every day. But I get my hands on a shiny revolver (read the fiery hot red head next door), I feel as though I could sell off the .45 and only miss it minimally.

So on to the goods... a Smith & Wesson model 13-1 4" nickel. I know, not a hugely collectible piece, but hell it is still a Smith and is in pretty good condition. The real gem - a Colt King Cobra 4" SS.

Before I post any gun p*rn, I would like to ask you more experienced gentlemen what you think the value on these two guns are? Off hand of course, ballpark range. I know nobody can determine exactly what they are worth. Truth is, I really could use the cash more than a couple more guns, but my buyer's remorse is always a bit flaky when it is about guns...

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