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What kinds of problems Have you had with Del-Ton products

This question came up in another thread so I thought I would start a dedicated thread to see what you all have experiennced . I"m looking for people that own there complete rifles or parts .

I'll start , I have one complete Echo 316 that came from the factory with a FCG issue . It would fire 3 & 4 round burst on slow trigger release . Yep you think your done shooting and the gun says NO I'm going to burp out a few more . Easy fix replaced desconect , all done . It has worked great sense then , about 700rds so far . There CS turned out to be great once I gave them a chance to help me

The other one , I bought a complete rifle kit ( minus the stipped lower )from Midway . I had a PSA lower I used to build a custom rifle with the Del-Ton rifle kit parts ( barrel , upper reciever and BCG . I have not had any issues with this rifle at all , about 800rds .

Most of the issues I've read about has been with the bolt and most of them are older issues . I did read of a problem someone had this year with feeding issues . I have had some problems with some older 20rd Pmags I have . I do have 10 or 15 other mags from other makers including Magpul that have no issues in either gun so I have chaulked that up to the older mags .

I think the hardest I ran one was when I did a 100 round torture test on the Magpul flip up front sight on a gas block a few weeks ago . The gun had no problems shooting that 100rds . I fired 100rds in 82 sec timed . That does not seem all that fast at first untill you consider I'm in CA . Ten round max aloud per mag . I had to do 10 mag dumps with a bullet button in 82 sec so I was firing pretty fast . The gun was smoking when I got done . FYI the Magpul MBUS did not melt but it did lose zero by about 2MOA up and to the left .

What has your experiennces been using Del-Ton products Good or bad ?

.thanks Metal
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