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Originally Posted by JimDandy
Yeah, I meant for me, the way my mind works. If I'm sticking one case in at a time, my mind wants to batch load.
There are definitely advantages to batch processing. The ability to visually check 50 cases at once (and compare them) for the proper powder charge is a major one. Running one operation repetitively and perfectly 50 times or 100 or 1,000 times is another. Some people find batches more natural and I find no fault with that.

There are definitely advantages to continuous processing. Being able to put an empty case in the press and not have to handle it again until it is a finished cartridge is a major one. It certainly does speed up the process. Running one cartridge from start to finish feels natural to some people and I find no fault with that.

To each their own.

Design your process like a good operations engineer designs a factory floor and stick with it.

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