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If the specs were published ahead of time, and I'm certain that they were, one reason Glock wouldn't have applied is because their pistols won't meet the firing pin energy spec.
I would bet that Glock could produce a model with a safety if that would land them a lucrative contract with the US military.
There have been Glocks manufactured with manual safeties. I believe that there have been two batches with manual safeties to fill military contracts on different occasions.
Remember Mil-Spec,,,is not always the best but the best the Military is willing to pay for that gets the job done
The first problem with this line of reasoning is that the performance testing was done before the pricing portion of the competition began. The second problem with it is that the Beretta pistols, themselves, were actually priced higher than the other pistol brand that completed the performance competition. The parts/magazine portion of the contract was less for the Beretta proposal, but the U.S. ended up purchasing magazines from another supplier which largely negated that aspect of the pricing decision.

But the bottom line is that if they were going to base their selection primarily on price, they wouldn't have eliminated all but two of the contenders with the performance competition before even proceeding to the price competition.
Therefore, it was eliminated from consideration even though it preformed significantly better than the Beretta.
I would be very interested to see any reports on CZ75 testing results associated with the M9 competition.

Only two pistols completed the performance portion of the competition, and one of those (SIG) was actually allowed to pass although it failed one portion of the competition. It was allowed to pass because the U.S. wanted at least two bidders involved to keep the final price down via competition.
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